Happy thoughts #2

It has been a bit of a strange week: the classic run-up to Christmas with the typical organisational behaviours, for example people using up their leave at the end of the year – or otherwise absent.

And after a rather protracted week, culminating in Christmas eve eve, it’s now time for ten days away from work. Ten days full of chocolate, food, alcohol, and no doubt the odd present or two.

So to this week’s happy thought: last Saturday was meant to be the busiest shopping day before Christmas – and yet the news announced the same thing for today.  Despite the prospect of being trampled to death by marauding shoppers, we had a weekend in London for retail therapy (Westfield), restaurant therapy (Lebanese – and rather nice), and alcohol therapy (enough said). It was very pleasant, and a worthy happy thought.

(For an explanation about happy thoughts have a read of Happy Thoughts #1.)