Learning something new every day

I like learning new things.  I would like to think that everyone likes to learn something new – it keeps us fresh, helps us gain new skills, or maybe means we can now understand something or someone.

Today I thought that I would share the things that I have learned in the last two days or so:

  • chocolate is poisonous to human beings – although the fatal dose is probably somewhere around 10kg (22 lbs).
  • there are more cases than just ‘UPPER’ and ‘lower’ – the list so far appears to be
    • upper – all text in CAPITAL LETTERS
    • lower – all text in ordinary (non-capital) letters
    • numerical – numbers only
    • mixed – a mixture of upper/lower/numerical
    • camel – a special case type used mainly by IT people where spaces are omitted and a single upper case letter signifies a new word, for example: InvoiceNumber
  • the Chevrolet Cruze is entirely named after a cruise liner: wallowy steering, and acceleration which needs a lot of prior warning. I got one of these cars from Avis and when I tried to accelerate all that happened was the engine revved a lot and the car didn’t go much faster.

I’m not sure which of these will be most use to me in the future, but I did enjoy the gutter laugh when I suggested to the group of IT techies that they should incorporate the word ‘toe’ into data names.  And if you have a snigger because you got the joke then your mind is as dirty as theirs … and mine!