Invasion by the French?

Today I’m wondering whether the French are set to invade our software, and maybe even our language, by stealth?

Already we have carte blanche to wish someone bon voyage.  In fact, in the snootier cul-de-sacs it might even be de rigeur. Indeed, we celebrate out multi-cultural heritage with a language which is almost constantly evolving.

However, I could hardly keep a straight face today when my suppliers told me that there was new functionality in the software which would highlight changes with an asterix.  I had the image of a French cartoon character wielding a baguette and pointing at each amendment.

To this minor gaffe the French might just nonchalantly shrug, content that little-by-little, one phrase (or maybe one malapropism) at a time, our time-honoured foes are occupying this little island off the coast of mainland Europe.

Perhaps we should rebel: rinse our mouths of all phraseology with Gallic overtones, avoid Renaults, and eschew their onion soup.  And as a final thought, answer me this: what should we do with their letters?