The perils of trusting the locals

This week we’ve had some overseas colleagues with us – some well travelled and savvy, others perhaps less streetwise.  There are a couple of things that have happened which have given us all a few moments of mirth and which are worth sharing:

Strange meal choices

The following have all been seen this week – judge for yourselves whether the choices made were reasonable and the decisions sane:

  • beef bourginon, roast potatoes, and chocolate gateau (all on the same plate)
  • scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hash browns, danish pastry, and tinned sliced peaches (again, all on the same plate)
  • scrambled eggs, baked beans, muesli, and crewm (for breakfast, on the same plate)
  • chicken passanda – phall hot (not so much an odd mixture, just sheer lunacy in my opinion!)

 Food and drink for the gullible

Things which have been suggested for unwitting visitors to order from the waiter – some real and not believed, others clearly very dodgy:

  • (from the waiter)
    • fur burger
    • rumpy pump with cream
    • spotted dick with creme Anglaise
  • (from the bar)
    • a long, slow screw
    • a hand shandy

I’m sure there were more, but those are the ones I remember.  Fortunately all was taken in the spirit it was intended and no-one got slapper or arrested.  By the end of it I’m not sure they believed anything – even the legitimate and very tasty ones.

So, what have you persuaded foreign visitors to order or say?