My A-Z

I shamelessly copied this concept from another blog – but I can’t give credit because I can’t remember where I found it. And I’ve adapted it a little.

Anyway, for those who pass through and are interested, here are a few things about me:

Age: fortysomething. I lost count at 40 and threatened to start counting backwards instead, but it didn’t catch on
Best night out: so long as I’m with a friend or two the evening will be good regardless.
Chore that I hate: cleaning – but I like things to be clean and tidy. I pay a cleaner.
Drink: real ale, a good single malt whisky, and recently cider.
Essential to starting my day: breakfast, and English breakfast tea made with boiling water (with milk added to the water, not the other way round).
Favorite colour: 
for my car, black. In strictly aesthetic terms royal blue. Or maybe red.
lots. Apple iPhone, MacBook Pro, and a whole plethora of IT kit.  A bit of a geek, perhaps.  But Leonard rather than Sheldon.
5′ 11″
Instruments I play: The iPod.
Job: Something with IT and security. And even my best friends don’t really understand what I do. Guess that makes me a bit like Chandler.
Kids: Nope.
In the New Forest. It’s called “new” as it has only been around for 925 years.
Music: mainly 80s stuff, but a fair sprinkling of recent stuff is making it onto my playlist. 
work it out from the name of the blog.
whatever is appropriate – though I do like suits by Paul Smith or Hugo Boss.
Pet peeves: 
bad grammar from those who should know better. There are plenty more, but that one is top of my list today.
Quote: “The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” (It’s an approximation of a quote by Sun Tzu.)
Right or left handed: 
Right. Unless I’m dealing cards when I’m left handed.
Sports: skydiving, running (10k), squash, and badminton.
Top snack: Flapjack. And I’m afraid that anyone in the USA will probably have to resort to Google.
Underwear: Marks and Spencer – of course!
Vegetables I hate:
Aubergine.Tomato (though I think that’s officially a fruit). Gherkin. Fennel. Courgette.
What makes me run late:
 I’m pathological about not being late.
X-rays I have had:
Teeth, chest, hand (now with embedded metalwork), chest, back, legs (both at different times), head (MRI). Might have been easier to list the bits which haven’t been x-rayed.
Yummy dessert:
New York style cheesecake. Or banoffee pie. Actually there are lots of contenders, but those two are at the top.)
Zoo Animal: 
Snow leopards.

… and a few other categories:

One thing I always have with me: my iPhone
Something I want to do: skydive from a balloon
Somewhere I’d like to see: the Antarctic

Any other questions I should add to the list?