Out with the old … well, not so fast

My New Year’s resolutions are going reasonably well so far – running more, shredding lots – but there is one area I have noticed where I failed entirely to rid myself of paperwork which I’m holding onto in a vain hope that one day it will come in useful.

Every time I’m on an aeroplane there’s an envelope in the amenity kit for my unwanted money, but some banknotes have made it home where they have ostensibly been saved “for the next time that I’m going to visit that country”. ┬áBut there are certainly some countries which I’m unlikely to visit again and I’m now wondering why I have gone to the effort to save, for example, 3 Omani Rials or 100 South African Rand.

So the next time I travel I think the collection envelope will gain an unexpected windfall while I’ll have taken another step further away from hanging onto things “just in case”.

And, just for fun, how many different currencies are in the picture?