Friends and acquaintances

I read an blog recently entitled Friendship is a Two Way Street and, as seems to be the nature of things recently, that resonated with a conversation I had had with someone else.

There have been many phrases which have attempted to describe friends – from the humorous to the banal, the philosophical to the crass – but I tend to agree that whatever the definition, true friendship has to be bilateral.

We do turn to our friends for support when we’re down, and we must be both ready and willing to provide the same in return.   Continue reading


Happy thoughts #3

I can’t believe that it’s Friday again (or very early on Saturday): this last week has flown by! And this week it would be difficult to say that my happy thought is anything other than Christmas.

But what of Christmas? What made it special?

  • fun times with friends on Christmas Eve,
  • a great Christmas day,
  • the amount of thought which had gone into the gifts I received from friends, and
  • (of course) the excuse to eat, drink, and be merry.

Maybe I’m cheating slightly on the premise of just having one happy thought for the week, but it’s Christmas.

(For an explanation about happy thoughts have a read of Happy Thoughts #1 or click on the tag below.)