Irrational decisions

I have belonged to the United States Parachute Association for twelve years and I feel quite an attachment to the organisation.  I have jumped at a variety of US dropzones, and I’ve had a lot of fun.  And now the renewal documentation sits on the desk in front of me and I’m faced with a decision.

Earlier this year I had a bit of a medical event, and it seems it is hereditary.  The symptoms went away on their own (as predicted by the consultants) but recurrence is a possibility.  This combined with the need for travel insurance is a bit of an issue – and premiums for travel outside Europe are eye-watering.  Unless something radical changes, the additional costs now outweigh any benefits of good weather and well organised jumping.

The silly thing is that because the disorder won’t affect skydiving itself in any way I don’t really want to give in and cease my membership … but on the other hand is it worth paying for something which I know I won’t use?  (The money element is small enough not to sway the balance either way.)

And there is the decision to be made: rationally stop unnecessary expenditure, or irrationally pay the subscription because I want hope to triumph over logic?