Netflix or notflix?

I have Sky+ bringing me the ability to watch a whole heap of channels, to record series at the touch of a button, and to time-shift my satellite viewing.

If I want to watch something I missed then there’s a selection of “plus one” channels transmitting an hour later, or I can visit a couple of websites where the content is stored for a while (for example 4OD or BBC iPlayer).  Not only can I time-shift my viewing, but with the internet I can place-shift too – and with a bit of ingenuity it’s even possible to view from overseas.

Failing all of this I have Apple tv which will stream from my iTunes library or selected films can be purchased and viewed online.

And yet, this week I find myself wondering whether or not to subscribe to Netflix – a myriad of films, old seasons of television, and who knows what else.

I am perhaps fortunate that I have seen and used Netflix in the USA when I was staying with my family, and I found some old UK content which assuaged my homesickness and fed my nostalgia.  There was more available to stream than I could possibly watch, and had I stayed longer then I may have tried to watch more – but was that because I didn’t have access to my familiar transmissions?

It would be fair to say that I enjoyed playing with Netflix, but there are only so many hours in a day and a limit to the amount of viewing I want to do.

Does more choice mean that I’ll be more selective, happier with my viewing time?  Or will I simply be paying more to fill the same amount of leisure time?

I feel that it’s worth having a trial month, but will I simply be sucked in?